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Friday, Feb 9, 2007

Vitamin D Found to Lower Colon Cancer Risk

New data from five studies has found that Vitamin D may reduce the risk of colon cancer. The beneficial amount appears to be 1,000-2,000 IU per day.

Dr. Edward D. Gorham, from the Naval Health Research Center in San Diego, California, and colleagues found that as blood levels of vitamin D rose, the risk of colorectal cancer fell. Risk was reduced by 54 percent in groups with the highest vitamin D levels relative to those with the lowest levels.

Vitamin D may cut risk of colorectal cancer

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Friday, Jan 26, 2007

Coping with the Pain of Colon Cancer

Laurie Smith Anderson documents her battle with colon cancer in her column, The Patient Person. In her latest post she talks about the pain involved in cancer. As a colon cancer patient, she wonders whether her pain is from the treatment or the cancer.

For several months now, I have experienced a deep ache in my lower abdomen that worsens when I stand or walk. My doctors are working to pinpoint the source. Is it the result of new tumor growth, a stent that was placed in my ureter or some unrelated cause? I pray for them to find out soon and fix it whether it takes surgery, radiation or being held upside down and shaken.

Check out her column for more of her writing: The Patient Person

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Avastin May Slow Advanced Colon Cancer

A new study reveals that the drug Avastin may be successful in stopping tumor growth in advanced colon cancer patients. Avastin has previously shown success in treating lung cancer. It works by cutting off the blood supply to tumors and thereby starving it.

In a study of more than 1,400 patients, those who took the drug Avastin in addition to standard chemotherapy remained alive without worsening of their disease about six weeks longer than those with chemotherapy alone, says researcher Leonard B. Saltz, M.D.

Drug May Slow Colon Cancer

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Saturday, Jan 20, 2007

The Colon Cancer Blog

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